Our Ambassadors

Chris Ford

Chris is a dear friend of ours and has been participating in some capacity (racer or volunteer) in all the races Nathalie, our RD, has organised in the past. Trail runs, day adventure races, multi day expedition races and lots of spontaneous activities/scouting missions.

Chris favourite activity is Mountain Biking and he loves pizza.

His number one location to race so far: Italy.

Patricia Patton

Patricia Patton. Patricia lives in Kelowna and loves anything that takes her outside. She has been doing a lot of ultra running in the last few years, including TAR in Europe. She also raced in the first Expedition Race Nathalie organised and volunteered in the others.

Her favourite food: pizza.

Her favourite race location: without a doubt, the Alps!

Anthony Hlynka

Anthony is an Okanagan Ultra Runner who likes a challenge. He raced the first Expedition Race Nathalie organized and together they tackled one of the most prestigious Ultra in the World, UTMB.

Always increasing the distance and pushing his limits. Nothing can stop him!

His favourite food: Pineapple.

Favourite place to race so far: Chamonix.

Carl Barrett

Carl currently lives in Penticton, BC. Carl is a long time triathlete and Adventure racer and loves being active in any way, the longer the event, the better.

That said if you ask him to pick one activity, he would say that biking is life!

How does Carl fuel during those events: Fuzzy peaches and Kit kat are his go to.

Carl has raced all around the world but he still says that racing in BC is the best!

Pavla Lounova

Pavla was born in Czech Republic but has been living in the Okanagan for the last 15 years. She is an all year well rounded athlete who loves so many sports but winter sports, especially snow related sports, are her favourite.

Favourite food: perogies, especially when they are stuffed with sauerkraut and bacon.

Best place to race in her opinion: Sun Peaks! It's beautiful, underrated spot with a little hint of Europe that fuels her nostalgia.

Jeremy Green

Jeremy is a South African who lives in Salmon Arm, BC now. 

Jeremy loves orienteering, which he got into to improve his adventure racing navigation, way back in 2001. He ended up going to 6 world orienteering championships  representing South Africa. Highlight was meeting and racing against Chris Forne around 2007ish. 

Fave food: real food rocks Jeremy's world while racing.  Ham and cheese sandwiches, on a bagel, but nothing beats an unexpected take away burger during a race.  And a special shout out to 4 hour fuel from bend racing. It’s new to his nutrition regime, but an absolutely awesome product

Best place Jeremy has raced, besides my home country of South Africa, is a tie between expedition India in 2017 in Kashmir.

Dimitry Galamiyev

Dimitry lives in Toronto, Canada but is often travelling the world while working remotely. His favourite food is Manti which is an XXL dumpling from Kazakhstan - where he was born. His favourite place to race was around lake Léman however, he expects the scenery at the upcoming Raid the Rockies race to steal the top spot of this list.